It’s the time of year we celebrate Spring and all the glories of a refreshing season…new plant growth, warmer temperatures, time change, outdoor sports practices and games, unpredictable weather, and the anticipation of summer break!  Spring Fever (a highly contagious disease) spreads throughout our learning community; this year is no exception.

While making rounds this afternoon, I was privy to a small group conversation involving some young learners and their excitement of Easter (and our school day off tomorrow).  While many celebrate the religious significance of the holiday, some also celebrate the arrival of spring with annual egg hunts and surprises from the Easter Bunny.  These learners were sharing their family traditions from their past experiences.  One friend said, “Mrs. Van, please share my picture on your blog because it’s so beautiful with the ‘ceptional eggs we dye at home and a chocolate bunny, but don’t give my name ’cause if my grammy sees we hunt eggs during Passover, we’re in really big trouble..”  🙂

However you choose to celebrate the holiday (and the school day off tomorrow), please take time to hop outside and enjoy some eggsceptional spring weather with your precious learner.

Note:  Midlothian ISD is closed on Friday, April 6, 2012.

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