Food for thought…literally!

It’s a Friday after a LONG testing week so we’re wrapping up a few things with some food for thought (thanks to some help from my friends):

This jar of treats was waiting on my desk for me this morning.  I frequently talk about eating a balanced diet (which, for me, sometimes means a cookie in each hand).  I want to thank Mrs. Waddill for literally feeding my habit with her homemade treats while also offering an exercise option to plant the wildflower seeds in my garden of good/evil at home this weekend!  🙂

Then there was the sticky note attachment to my favorite notepad on my desk where someone added a personal message.  I think someone’s trying to tell me something . . . where is my baker-gal-Hannah when I need her most?  🙂

Sadly, our colorful, cheerful LME art gallery is beginning to come down so each artist may enJOY his or her work at home.  It’s truly been a pleasure walking the 93,000 square feet of LaRue Miller Elementary everyday and always seeing something new catch my eye!  We have multiple talented artists and visionaries indeed!  🙂

Thanks for helping us through the week, LME learning community!  🙂

Note:  Don’t forget about the PTO annual Boys’ Night Out from 6:00-9:00 p.m. in the back playground area—great food, fun, and festivities!