Ms. Tillie…our sweet friend…

LME lost one its own this past week with the passing of our dear Ms. Tillie.  Known for her servant heart, warm smile, positive attitude, and strong faith, she drove her “sweet babies” as a proud bus driver for more than 22 years (over 14 in MISD).  During the past four years, she drove for LME, specifically sharing her time and talents with learners having special needs.  With her trusty sidekick, Ms. Sheila, they safely delivered several LME friends each morning and afternoon.

As one who meets our buses each morning, I can tell you firsthand what an inspiration she was to everyone she touched.  I remember her telling me our first day here at Miller:  “Ms. Beth, my babies and I are here to open this new school year!”  🙂  She was exceptionally gifted at building relationships and communicating well with not only her families, but the entire instructional team at LME.  On a more personal note, Ms. Tillie and I shared a special bond since we endured cancer treatments about the same time; we often swapped stories.  She never let cancer (or the treatments) define her or hinder her on the job; she always persevered in spite of the struggle.

Ms. Tillie, we feel your presence everyday (especially when we work on your bus) and know you’re still taking care of all your sweet babies…we love you, our friend….