Volunteers are vital!

It’s National Volunteer Week and we celebrate each year in a big way here at LME!  Our annual volunteer salute and luncheon is tomorrow (and I’ll share more then), but learners and their classroom leaders have been preparing tributes, decorations, surprises, and food for the past week.  I stopped by several classrooms this week to ask this vital question:  What is a volunteer?

  • Volunteers helps us do math all the time.
  • They are reading buddies and mystery readers.
  • This one lady offers help in the cafe during lunch.
  • They throw us great parties and events with games and give us treats to share with others.
  • They get really dirty with our class projects and hang our artwork for others to enjoy.
  • They raise money for our school and all the children get to spend it.
  • Volunteers are a mystery because it’s a mystery why they want to volunteer.
  • They teach us when my teacher has to go to the bathroom.
  • They never get paid except in hugs and smiles from everyone.
  • They aren’t paid because they’re worthless but because they’re priceless.  🙂

While these are just a few of the responses, I think you get the idea.  We could NEVER do our daily work here at LME without the time, talents, gifts, and service of our 300+ volunteers each year.  From our active PTO to our DADS program to our weekly/daily helpers who spend countless hours assisting in classrooms, we salute you and thank you…volunteers are vital!