Taking a closer look…the time is now!

While I rarely stand on specific political ground in my public position, I do strongly encourage those eligible to VOTE each time the opportunity presents itself.  We do our best in the formative years to build strong pride and responsibility in our young citizens, frequently having campus elections for all manner of events.  After all, you can never teach a good habit too early in life!

With that said, I write this article today on behalf of our learners in hopes it grabs your personal attention in the coming months.  As you may well expect, I closely follow educational initiatives, both on the state and national levels.  This is a critical year for our young learners.  As Jim Walsh recently stated in a “Law Dawg–Unleashed” article in Texas School Business, “We need people (in office) who truly will make educating all of the members of the next generation our top priority, not some afterthought.”  He’s correct; if we want a voice, we have to vote and encourage our friends, neighbors, colleagues, and family members to vote as well!  There are many who perhaps do not understand what is at stake (or maybe they just choose not to pay attention).  You have the ability to influence those around you to educate others, and to encourage them to vote—I challenge you in this important role.  As Mr. Walsh notes, “Public education is the ultimate example of something too important to fail.  If public education fails, even for just one generation, we will do immeasurable harm to our free society.”  Powerful words; powerful message…

As my daddy reminds me, “If you choose not to vote, you give up the right to gripe!”  The learners and leaders of LME challenge you to learn the facts and take a closer look because the time is now!

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