Success…one step at a time…

A fourth grade friend, Lauren, shared this quote during her morning message and announcements with us:  “The elevator to success is broken; you have to take the stairs instead, one step at a time.”  We critically pondered this thought and shared several interpretations.

Success literally means, “a favorable outcome; doing what is desired or attempted to attain a goal.”  What the learners shared with me during our talk time was what they appreciated about this quote—the fact that it culminates in “a clear picture we can grasp, Mrs. Van.  We must climb our ‘success’ stairs one at a time in order to reach our personal and school goals.”  🙂 Out of the mouths of Miller learners…

Yes, success is best attained one step at a time and here’s hoping we all continue to succeed along the  journey this school year…and thanks, Lauren, for challenging our thinking process this morning!

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