Thanks, Helping Hands!

On these long, quiet assessment days we have a moment during testing for silent reflection and thanks for the helping hands of an entire staff who make certain everything runs according to expectations and rules.  What you may not know is Mrs. Bass, our assistant principal, also wears the hat of Testing Coordinator for LME; she does her work exceptionally well!  Being the humble individual she is, she always points to the entire team, generously giving credit where credit is due.  The reality is she spends days in preparation (much on her own time—weekends, that is) organizing, arranging, demonstrating, meeting, and triple-ensuring we are ready for each test administration day.  This is much more than opening a box and counting out booklets!

Mrs. Bass, thanks for being in charge of all the helping hands at LME everyday.  Thanks for sharing your multiple talents and service with great humor, enthusiasm, and passion.  Thanks for saying “yes” and unselfishly giving your helping hands to all of us!