…a dark and dreary…

Halloween on a Monday just doesn’t seem fair somehow…Whether you observe it or not, the infectious spirit of the day cannot go unnoticed.  Although we did our campus celebration last Friday (thanks again to all our amazing parents who made treats, planned events, and shared in our fun), there was still a faint and fun air about our building today.  Visiting in classrooms, there were lots of stories, ideas, and laughs to share.  One writer stopped me to visit and read his writing so far:  “It was a dark and dreary evening because I was sitting home alone answering the door to the neighborhood trick-or-treaters…”  I can hardly wait to see what happens next!

Our creative staff enJOYs the opportunity to occasionally move out of clothing comfort zones and into more challenging wardrobes, such as the third grade Smurfs/Smurfettes:

…and Snow White and her Seven Dwarfs (dwarves?), courtesy of 5th grade and friends.

We are grateful for fun times, special events, and celebrations to showcase our work in fun, engaging ways.  They help those times when the work may feel “dark and dreary.”  We invite you to join us in celebrating more throughout the coming year!

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