Balancing Life…

Life is good . . . so goes the phrase and hopefully how we approach our work each day at Miller Elementary.  I became involved with the Life Is Good mantra during cancer treatments years ago.  It’s actually a Boston-based company now, but it started with two brothers, a van, some cool t-shirts, and a positive message (with Jake and his dog, Rocket—both “icons of optimism”) several years ago.  I like their products, but especially adore the message (plus, they support children facing unfair challenges).  You can visit the website at: for the rest of their story.

Anyway, the simple messages are powerfully shared on their products:  Celebrate; face the bumps in life with a smile; create balance; do what you like and like what you do . . . the list is endless.  I own more shirts than I can wear in a week and give them to everyone as gifts.  Yes, they are comfortable, sturdy shirts, but it’s the message I cherish the most.  You can see my favorite shirt here (“Van Go.” packed for a road trip).  🙂

It’s crucial that we, as the adult role models, share our approach to life through our actions everyday.  In spite of challenges (and there are many each day), we have to create balance . . . after all, balance is the art of holding on and letting go all at the same time.

If we never did silly or fun things, then nothing intelligent would ever get accomplished.  Here’s hoping we help each other to live and spread the message:  Life is Good!

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