Traveling through time today…

One of our 5th grade Miller learners asked me a challenging question during a discussion about historical events:  “Mrs. Van, if you could travel back in time, which historical event would you choose to visit and why?”  WOW–this is a powerful question and I’m not so sure I can quickly narrow it down to just one!  As a student of history (just like my daddy), fascinated by the many facts, timelines, and people who shaped them, I’m compelled to name multiple times–narrowing it down to just one is nearly impossible!

Time is a concept most learners (and their leaders) grapple with daily–staying on TIME to complete lessons; following a master schedule so we eat, recess, and go to specials on TIME; following a TIMEline of events . . . Then there are the numerous lessons, practices, and events that take TIME outside the instructional day each week. We rarely stop to reflect on the results of our TIME spent in so many activities.  A day barely goes by that someone doesn’t say to me:  “I just wish I had more time!”  (I always think afterward, “Be careful what you wish.”)  🙂

I remember being told, “Children are the living messages we send to a time and place we may never know or see.”  As educators, we appreciate this message because the work now may not reap rewards until much later; as parents, you know exactly what this means as you raise productive, informed citizens in an ever-changing world!  Here’s hoping we all take more TIME to enJOY simple moments, celebrate the successes, and reflect on how we want to change the course of TIME and history with our personal contributions.

Note:  Our HVAC system continues to take its TIME refreshing our air from yesterday’s “stinky situation.”  Thanks to our MISD Maintenance Department for diligently working to change air filters throughout our campus!  🙂