PAWs for Reflection…

Children are naturally drawn to great adventure and outdoor learning experiences, especially when it involves friendly animals trained to interact with them!  Our Community-Based Instruction (CBI) class took a field trip this week with other classes to the beautiful Paws for Reflection Ranch in Midlothian ( The Ranch plans specific programs and experiences to meet a variety of individual learning needs including hands-on time with animals, creative arts and crafts, team-building activities, nature walks, picnics, and a day of extraordinary fun!

Here are my CBI friends and their leaders building a scarecrow from several materials.  Chance told me the scarecrow looked “funny and full, but he was smiling.”

My friend, Hunter, was riding a horse and talking about it . . . look at his smile!  Kade told me the horse ride was “bumpy like the bus.”

Kennedy giggled the whole time she rode the horse!

Conner showed everyone how to pet the miniature horses.  Dawson said the dog, Sadie, “barked” and the hedgehog “rolled into a ball.”

. . . and there’s nothing like a hayride on a beautiful sunny autumn afternoon to close out a day filled with fun, friends, fellowship, and fond fall memories.  Here’s hoping we all take time to pause for fun and reflection soon!