Red Ribbon Week Festivities!

It’s the annual Red Ribbon Week campaign and our learners and their leaders are truly enJOYing the messages and themes each day (thanks to our caring counselor, Mrs. Stanley, and the clever Student Honor Council)!  On Monday, it was a sea of red colors as we were proud of being drug-free (and of our Texas Rangers too).  Today, we were being “Good Sports; Don’t do drugs!”  Again, there were lots of Rangers jerseys (because we all have “Red Fever”), but my favorite (and most definitely biased) picture today was with my friend, Kennedy, who wore a special shirt in my honor.  It says, “Go, Blue” for the University of Michigan Wolverines.  My oldest daughter recently graduated from U of M (she’s now at USC in Los Angeles in graduate school) and when she found out Kennedy’s family were big Ohio State fans, she naturally felt compelled to remedy the situation.  Of course, I took some grief from her family, but hey, what’s wrong with a little friendly rivalry?  Kennedy is excited we can even add USC and now OU (Boomer Sooner!) to the repertoire as well!  🙂

On Wednesday, we celebrate “I Can; You Can; We CAN be drug-free!”  Everyone is challenged to bring canned foods for donating to our local Manna House.  Thursday is “Go Green; Don’t let drugs pollute your life!”  Wear green as we clean and talk about the importance of taking care of our personal environment.  Finally, on Friday, it’s our annual Miller “Character Day.”  We dress to show good character and celebrate with a big character parade.  It’s also Fall Party Day and the excitement is truly building!  Here’s hoping, though, the messages we talk about today and throughout this important week will be remembered tomorrow as our learners continue the difficult task of growing up in a world of tempting choices; here’s hoping their voice may help another make the right choice!