A SCENTsational event…

In my many years in education, it never ceases to amaze me what each new school day holds…today is just another example of this.  As a former leadership professor of mine would often note:  “Someone needs to write a book about all the things we don’t teach you here in class; there is nothing to prepare you for what may come your way each day.”  He was right, of course.

A skunk decided to make his/her presence known on campus this morning.  Unfortunately for this skunk, a repeat performance will never occur.  Animal Control answered the call and eliminated the skunk.  As skunks do, though, the skunk had the last word by releasing a tremendous blast of “stink” (as one learner put it) into the air.  Our HVAC system picked up the scent and shared it throughout our campus today . . . WHEW . . . what a stinky situation to endure all day!  I know I have a headache and feel fairly certain several others do as well.  Thankfully, a light breeze was blowing and helping to clear the air in and around our building this afternoon, but it may be a couple of days before the “stink” completely leaves us.

Yes, amazing things happen at LaRue Miller Elementary everyday…some more SCENTsational than others!

Note:  I want to thank the kind soul who left a large can of Glade and a funny note on my desk this afternoon when I went outside for dismissal duty.  I know who you are and you know what they say about paybacks . . . . 🙂