What’s the point?

WHEW!  It’s been a Monday on a Tuesday after a long holiday weekend (think I’ll write a song with this title) . . . Visiting with several friends in my office today (yes, it was one of “those” days), always sheds child-like vision and unique perspective on our work as educators.  For example, a child in my office asked the question, “What’s the point, Mrs. Van?”  🙂 “School is hard work.” 🙂  “It’s hard being a student, especially when you mess up and I messed up today–you know it; I know it; my parents will know it when you call them.”  🙂  “So, how do I fix this and move on now?”  🙂 

First of all, I’m thrilled to know this child wants to “fix” the problem.  Next, it’s refreshing to hear this child wants to move forward, mend fences, and try again–what maturity for a young learner!  As we sat and colored a picture together with my rainbow of pointy-colored pencils like the ones shown here (a calming activity for us both), we discussed the merits of making choices with our voices.  We are all guilty of saying things we regret; I know I am!  As a recovering perfectionist (with my own personal 12-step program), I have to acknowledge my error, learn from it, allow grace, and move forward.  A strong problem solver brings solutions, not just the problems, to the table for discussion.  As parents and educators, we must do the same by modeling thought processes, problem solving skills, and solution ideas with learners daily.  It doesn’t hurt to have some special tools to assist along the way. After all, what’s the point if you don’t have sharp tools to assist you?  Here’s hoping you take time to color and talk about “the point” soon.