You’ve heard the saying: “Live well; Laugh often; Love much.”  These three simple verbs truly describe part of the extraordinary experience of raising children in today’s society.  As parents and educators, we have to provide the basic necessities and support for the child to “live well.”  We also need to possess a keen sense of humor to appreciate those amazing moments of comic relief our children provide daily in order to “laugh often.”  Finally, we demonstrate unconditional love regardless of the situation, thus the “love much” part (but, it doesn’t mean we have to like or agree with bad choices–that’s another blog for another time).

Meet our newest Miller family addition, Quinn, born to proud parents, Lauren and Brandon Bergvall, just a couple of weeks ago (Mrs. Bergvall is a kinder teacher here at Miller).  While I may be biased (okay, I am biased), but I have little doubt in her short time with us that she is definitely living well, providing great laughter and JOY to her parents, and is unconditionally loved above all else!  Welcome, little Quinn; your Miller family is pleased to have you with us!

Not too long ago, a  young learner visited with me again concerning how hard it was to be a student:  “The work and this JOB of school FIVE DAYS A WEEK, Mrs. Van…(child sighs)…who thought up this idea anyway?  Mom works, dad works, and now I work too.  I wish I could be a baby again like my little sister who just rolls over, giggles, and lays around all day long.”  🙂   (I must confess there are days I feel this too!)

It is my sincere hope it is not always about the work; it is more about teaching and learning how to live well, laugh often, and love much.  We LOVE your children; they truly become part of our extended family.  Your child’s teacher takes with him or her all those stories, those ideas, and those priceless moments throughout the school day home at night to reflect, revisit, and treasure . . . and just like baby Quinn’s parents, we say a little prayer of thanksgiving for the blessings of living well, laughing often, and loving much!