What makes you smile?

While running back and forth this morning between several staff development sessions being held in various MISD locations (as many of you were enJOYing the great State Fair of Texas), I met a colleague in a hallway with a big smile and a morning greeting.  This individual stopped and thanked me for the smile because it was his first of the day (it was already 9:15 a.m. by this point!).  WOW–one smile is all it takes sometimes . . . so, the question today is:  What makes you smile?

While I have a list too numerous to share in this short missive, near the very top of my “smile list” would be children (yours and mine).  Children possess a fresh voice and unique perspective we as adults (with multi-tasking minds and a tight schedule to keep) forget to tap.  Spend ten seconds in conversation with a child and I dare you to not smile!  Just like this picture of me with Mrs. Bass, Mrs. Childers, and Mrs. Slaydon demonstrates, we enjoy having a good time during staff development–working with these ladies (and all my colleagues) makes me smile everyday!

This smile theory also got me to thinking again about a conversation I had with a parent just last week, so I’ll ask my question to you for pondering:  How does your learner start his or her day at home?  How do you start your own day each morning?  I know I tend to sabotage myself sometimes when I don’t “check” my attitude each morning (and I’m fortunate St. Michael is there to assist me when needed!).  A simple smile is the easiest form of positive communication and a wonderful way to start each day.  Make a list together of the many things that make you smile and then act on it.  As you know, our children have more need for models than critics, so consider yourself challenged to find multiple ways to smile daily with your child.  I’m smiling; are you?

2 thoughts on “What makes you smile?

  1. Thanks Mrs. Van, for posting the picture of us smiling! This is a great reminder of how we should walk daily. It’s often easy to get caught up in the “busyness” of our day and not take the time to enjoy the real reasons we are here — for the children and for each other. Starting my day doing morning duty most certainly puts a smile on my face — something I look forward to every morning! I want to personally thank each parent who sends their children to us. Your child makes me smile. Thanks for sending us your children as daily reminders as to why we do what we do.

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