Six-Weeks Reflections…

As they say in the film industry, “It’s a wrap!”  Our first grading period is behind us this school year; time to reflect on the many accomplishments and celebrations throughout our growing campus:

  • PPCD covered the alphabet letters A-E and created a variety of crafts to correspond with each letter.  They focused on friendships, role playing, and building strong character.
  • CBI friends worked on many new goals, enjoyed music enrichment, took community trips, and began their Special Olympics Bowling opportunity.
  • Our Head Start friends took time to get to know each other, to learn how to be a friend, and what it means to go to school everyday.  Daily routines and engaging lessons including graphing, cooking, sorting, categorizing, and sharing along with weekly visits to the library with Mrs. Bolgiano for storytime were particular favorites.
  • Kinder friends learned daily routines, Daily 5 expectations, word wall games, and many new math workstation games.  They also welcomed baby Quinn!
  • First Grade continued to learn, learn, learn!  Guided reading groups, word families, fact families, and their own families became big topics of daily discussion and focus.  Adding, subtracting, graphing, and calendars in math, along with fire safety, and community helpers provided fun learning opportunities for all!
  • Our Second Grade “mateys” studied landforms by creating salt dough maps of the seven continents.  These hearty pirates used GPS systems with coordinates to follow clues on the map to the chest of treasure in Captain Van’s office.
  • Third Graders started Poetry Circle Fridays to share with classmates.  They participated in a clever BlueBonnet Book (BBB) QR lesson where they read a BBB, wrote a book review, and transformed these into QRs to be placed in the front cover of our Miller BBBs this year to share with everyone! (Thanks to our librarian, Mrs. Bolgiano, for creating such an engaging lesson for all!)
  • Fourth Graders began their Tour of Texas with regions, landmarks, and the first settlers while pouring the foundation that will become their expert writing this year.  These researchers explored scientists and their inventions and contributions to share with others; they have adopted a “never-give-up” attitude for the school year!
  • The Fifth Grade Family shared their work on their Mass-Blast each week (too much to publish in my short blog here).
  • Specials covered everything from new games and physical opportunities in gym (including Rowdy Runners) to composing their own music (and forming our Miller Singers and Ringers) to practicing concepts of line, shape, form, color, and texture in art (while creating our Art Club again this year).

We celebrate the successes of the year so far and encourage you to do the same with us!  Please know, we are here to serve; you need only ask as we work together to maximize foundations for our future leaders!  Thanks for an extraordinary start this year!

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