Pi, Pie, and Stars…oh my!

“What has a little house with no windows and no doors, but a star inside?” 

It was exactly 3:14 am this morning when St. M announced the time to me as I rolled out of bed toward the bathroom.  Obviously, he was thinking about Pi; in my world, this means I ponder Pie.  Once back in bed, I asked St. M the age-old riddle, but he simply commented, “How about baking an APPLE pie with STARS on the crust today?”  While I can never catch him off guard, I get points for trying, huh?!  He then added, “Sweetheart, you have lots of brilliant stars inside your little house; they shine gloriously all the time.”  🙂   Yes, this is just one reason why I love this man so…  It also begs the question on Day #31:

How will you gratefully shine your inward stars out into the world in the coming year?  

We ALL have stars of light within to shine onto others, so remain grateful and hopeful we find our best way to reflect gloriously together.  And just in case you are curious, yes, we have apple pie with star leaves along the crumbly topping for dessert tonight.  Who’s bringing the Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla to go with it?  🙂



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