Gratefully adjusting…

It’s no surprise to those who know and still love me anyway…I’m a recovering perfectionist and Type-A control freak.  It’s a powerful combination of strengths and weaknesses and at any given moment, our strengths often become our weaknesses.

There’s a precious, personally hand sewn reminder on my desk even today from my extraordinary former administrative assistant who worked with me for years when I served as an elementary principal (see photo–she nailed it!).  She is a master of gracefully managing my controlling perfectionism and I feel fairly certain she’s quietly in a recovery group somewhere to this day. 🙂

If we’re truly honest with ourselves, we all tend to control our lives based on our circumstances in that moment because we fear they determine our daily situations and outcomes. We quickly correlate our circumstances and feelings in place of learning to be content in any and all situations.  For a personal example, finding contentment as a current caregiver is a huge dose of this realization each day.  The exchange of caring and being cared for is full of dignity on both sides; it’s imperative we remain content in each moment regardless of what the situation presents or demands.

My truth:  I personally and gratefully work daily to be empowered by hope and JOY-filled connectedness in place of my perfectionism and controlling struggle.  The reality is everything is truly out of my control other than the attitude and effort I choose.

So here’s your grateful challenge today:

What do you personally yet gratefully work on daily in your life? 

We must be kind to ourselves; we are all working to adjust our glasses and see things daily from new transitional lenses, huh?!  Just remember to wipe away the gunk and always #ChooseLove for a sharper focus.  🙂