Christmas Questions, anyone?

During my years serving as a building princiPAL, a long-standing tradition during daily morning message each December revolved around a Seasonal Question.  As a long-time educator, I was especially sensitive to the reality not all our students, families, staff members, and learning community celebrated Christmas.  I gingerly tiptoed into the season, sticking to “safe” topics and generalizations to remain neutral (and perhaps, in all honesty, out of the superintendent’s office).

I’m retired from public service now and this is my personal blog, so YES, I celebrate Christmas; Merry Christmas, y’all!  If you will humor me, let’s explore this concept together over the next 30 days (is it only 30 days until Christmas??) pondering some Christmas Questions together…

Most likely you have a favorite holiday tradition or two; something you treasure each year as the season comes ’round again.  Whether it’s placing a special ornament on the tree, watching a favorite holiday movie together, visiting a certain jolly fellow (in our family, the Northpark Santa IS the REAL Santa), or doing a familiar holiday activity together, you have a Christmas tradition you never want to miss.

My sister and I always wrote long, detailed letters to Santa each year; it was our tradition we shared together at my little table right after Thanksgiving.  My parents took us downtown to Titches (yes, I’m that old), to visit with St. Nick, have our little chat, and share our letters.  I refused to tell my parents what I wrote in my letter even though they would do any number of things to make me “spill it” (Momma always said I was stubborn that way; go figure?!).  It took me a while to pin down exactly why they wanted to know the personal information within my letter each year.  This particular picture is me in third grade (with Becky) talking with Santa (mom had just cut our bangs to0).  Notice I already have a “teachery” stocking pin dangling from my shirt (because it’s all about the accessories, y’all).

Today, we still keep the tradition alive by writing our shopping lists and menus together (using email or text) because great minds think alike…we’ve been known to buy the same exact present for a family member.  Talking, plotting, and writing with my sister are traditions during the Christmas season I look forward to each December.

This leads me to our first Christmas Question of the Day:

What is a favorite Christmas tradition you look forward to each December?

In whatever way you and your dear ones choose to define the season of hope, peace, JOY, and love, may you take a moment during the hustle and bustle to sincerely reflect on those priceless traditions you favor and treasure.  If you don’t have a favorite tradition, here’s hoping you start one this year!