Gathering of gratefulness

“Honor to the soldier and the sailor everywhere, who bravely bear the country’s cause.  Honor also to the citizen who cares for the brother of the field, and serves, as best can, the same cause.”  ~President Abraham Lincoln

100 years ago today, the “war to end all wars” ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day on the 11th month in 1918.  Many gather today and each Veteran’s Day to show support, love, honor, and appreciation to our brave men and women who valiantly have served or are serving our country.  I am fortunate to currently live in what’s known as a Purple Heart Community. It’s not unusual for me to run across active and retired military personnel daily when out-and-about in our community.  During my early morning walk on a local community trail this morning, I came across a special ceremony marking the importance of this day. Stopping to silently observe and give thanks for the Veterans in my life, their families who support their important work, and the freedoms we cherish (like the abilities to freely VOTE, speak, write, worship, serve, teach, learn, and love), I also took the unique opportunity to smile, shake hands, and thank each person there.

Generation after generation, Americans have stepped forward to defend our freedom and preserve the founding principles of our great Nation.  From Valley Forge to Vietnam, from Kuwait to Kandahar, from Berlin to Baghdad, and well beyond across our planet, these patriots stood watch over America’s peace, and when necessary, carried the costs of our Nation’s wars, many giving the ultimate sacrifice in service.  These brave men and women have cleared the seas, charged the hills, and covered the skies.  We must pledge to uphold each Veteran’s legacy by teaching our younger generations about the role in securing the cost of liberty.  As my momma said, “In teaching others, we teach ourselves.” 

Day #29:  How will you choose to share gratefulness with a Veteran in your life? 

Beyond the emphasis of today, may we always take opportunities to remember, reflect, and revisit the service and sacrifices of our Nation’s Veterans…and here’s hoping you stop every time and take a moment to gratefully thank a Veteran.

PS:  If you know a Veteran requiring assistance, please call 1-877-WAR-VETS; they are ready to support any Veteran at any time.