Brewing questions…

There was a rousing game of 20 questions taking place when I stepped into the local coffee bar for our weekly bag of fresh-roasted beans this morning (yes, on my best behavior too; keep reading).  I was immediately invited to participate and felt inspired in spite of being somewhat intimidated by the local intellectuals of our town (and the same set of “THINK” blog baristas behind the counter from last week).  Here’s a small sample:

  1. What kind or thoughtful thing has someone done for you recently?
  2. Who is always there for you, and how do your feel about them?
  3. What’s something that inspired or touched you recently?
  4. What about this day, right now, has been better than yesterday?
  5. How have you recently used your gifts and talents to help others?
  6. What is something you’ve recently learned to help you in the future?
  7. What made you belly laugh out loud this week?
  8. How does helping someone else in turn help you?
  9. What’s the best thing about your home?
  10. What’s improved about your life since this time last year?
  11. What choices have you made in the past 5 years that you’d thank yourself now for making?
  12. What’s something you’re looking forward to in the near future?
  13. What’s something you witnessed recently that reminded you how life is good?
  14. What’s something you witnessed recently that reminded you how others are a blessing to you?
  15. What event or interaction made you feel good about yourself recently?
  16. How have you made personal progress lately?
  17. What’s a beautiful thing you’ve seen just today?
  18. How do others show they care about you?
  19. What movie, book, film, article, or other affected your life in a positive way lately?
  20. What simple pleasures can you enJOY today?

And that’s when it occurred…an unexpected verbal apology came my way along with a free bag of “Holiday Blend” roasted beans. Today, THIS is my simple pleasure. WHEW…and I’m truly grateful to be welcomed back into the local bean house once again. 🙂

While this is just small sample of the MANY questions they had gathered on index cards, you get the gist.  As folks came inside the shop, they were encouraged to participate as well.  So in place of just one question on Day #34, I propose we gratefully consider using some of these (and others you add) with our family and friends as we gather and ponder in the coming days. It’s a simple way to spark extraordinary conversation while we share our gratitude and gratefulness fully with one another.  Magical things happen every single day, if we simply allow them. Be a blessing and be blessed, my friends.