Gratefully writing on…

In our local independent bookstore today we stumbled upon a group of young writers (from the local elementary school) being led by their teacher.  While trying to play it cool, it took every ounce of my being not to join them (Daddy was with me and “shopping” so my time was limited).   What a privilege to witness some profound reflective few moments from this small group of writers discussing character point-of-view:

“Now take out your iPad and write your reader response to the character’s idea of finding gratitude and meaning in each day…”  gratitude

As one writer noted, “Gratitude is the surest way to heal a hurt and help you focus on what is good.”  Another commented, “I’ve found it’s a great way to make a difference in my day.”  A third shared, “I find more reasons to be grateful for all I have even when we really have very little in our life now.”  Finally, another chimed in, “So the way I see it, gratitude turns what you have into enough.”  BINGO!  🙂

The group challenged one another to list the things they are each thankful for today and to then pick one to write about by describing how it came to be in their life.  They asked big questions like, “What did you learn from it?” – and – “What meaning does this hold for you?”  Finally, they summed up the message by challenging each other to have an attitude of gratitude every day to make them aware of the blessings coming their way.

Good golly, I sure do miss small discussion groups, especially when young writers are involved!

So, without knowing it, they have inspired a BIG question for today:

How will you choose to have an attitude of gratitude so you appreciate the blessings coming your way?

Gratefulness is a mindset.  When we resolve to focus on the good, the good comes in miraculous ways.  I gratefully believe in you because you matter to me!

2 thoughts on “Gratefully writing on…

  1. As usual, Archilene, you inspire me, sweet friend! Yes, your profoundly strong faith, positive outlook, and attitude of gratitude most definitely reflects in the millions of brilliant ways you live your life! Thanks for sharing your soul and giving your heart. Miss you and continue to heal. Love you, b

  2. I heard Bruce Prindle give a sermon several years ago about having an attitude of gratitude and have worked hard to keep that mindset at the forefront of my mind. I love the old hymn “Count Your Blessings…” and I often name those blessings one by one. It helps me to write them down on my journal. These past nine months I have frequently stopped my fear and complaints to dwell on the things God has done throughout this illness and recovery.
    Since both Kevin and I have had grave illnesses that could have ended our time together, I especially like to remember that each day we are together is a gift whether at home, at a Dr. appointment, or enjoying a trip together.
    I pray that my attitude reflects the gratefulness that I feel for my Savior, my life, my family, and my friends.

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