How rich are you?

As my momma would say, “Life is a balance between holding on and letting go. Sometimes we just don’t need to get stuff done; we just need to be.”  Gratefully, today was one of those unexpected times to just be…temperatures so sublime, the bluest sky imaginable, crisp breeze to propel us onward, and a path of surprises around every bend along the trail.  This is the season, after all, when nature suddenly bursts with its last colorful beauty of this year, saving up for a grand finale and final bow.  As Emily Bronte observed:  “Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree…”  St. M and I were positively giddy to go forth into the woods and trees to explore, ponder, problem solve, and wonder.  Even after we left the trail, the powerful effect of this time “just to be” remained.

Among much conversation, we marveled at the realization of how rich we are at this time and place in life.  Oh NO; I’m not talking about the bank account (as a retired public educator, trust me; that’s depressing).  I’m referring to the realization of the RICHEST things in life being free.  Actually, the richest things in life aren’t things, are they?  The rich abundance of daily gifts and bounty of simple blessings turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Within each day, we experience multiple opportunities to share hope, JOY, peace, and love with those around us, and if we’re observant, have them returned to us.  A simple smile, a kind gesture, exploring a new trail, sharing time with friends and family, breaking bread together, finding ways to help others…these are all a rich part of living our grateful life. So…

What RICH things (that aren’t things) are you grateful for today?

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