Grateful for Day #5…

I admit openly; yesterday was not a personal best, so much so I put myself into timeout to adjust my attitude and effort (let me be perfectly frank: the only two things I really control are personal attitude and effort).  Little things, stewing situations, and outcomes were not gelling; nothing was gelling.  Why was I so determined to feel negative emotion AND want to act on it?  What caused me to tie myself to small-mindedness and steal my personal well-being?  It was definitely a full day of being a spiritual being who was having lots of human experiences.

And then my phone rang.

Gratefully, I have the blessing of a friend who somehow instinctively knows when I’m struggling.  She’s a soul sister from another mister who makes a mean southern biscuit, a strong cup of hot tea, some of the most scrumptious cookies ever to pass your lips, and a special person who has loved me unconditionally through many stages of our uniquely woven lives.  She takes the lowness and builds height while graciously keeping the important nuggets of information requiring polish and blowing away the others to create fairy dust.  She humbly reminds me of my own words, “flexible people never get bent out of shape,” and brings out the best in me which ALWAYS involves belly laughter.  Through our unique sense of humor and understanding, I like to think we help each other by allowing the cream gravy of understanding to soak in and blessed grace to shine through…

So here’s your question today:  Who’s a soul friend in your life who gratefully helps you show up, pay attention, let go, and speak your truth while blessedly reminding you not to be wedded to the outcome?  

May you take a moment today to gratefully count your blessings and give thanks for this individual.  Now… just where did I park my broom yesterday?  🙂



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