Saturday Sidenotes on Day #7

Michigan vs Michigan State (Go, Blue!) on one TV; OU vs TCU (Boomer Sooner!) on second TV; Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on the third… Welcome to a cool, rainy autumn Saturday afternoon.  A steaming pot of homemade chili simmers as I chop condiments and garnishes.  There’s some armchair coaching and quarter-backing taking place near Pop’s TV as the dog naps unconcerned.  St. M flips channels between several college games while running statistics on his Surface and checking his phone for client emails.  Our grandma cat and I have a puzzle, a great book, and a movie series going strong from our little corner (and yes, I’m blogging too).  The washing machine is rotating, the dryer is humming to signal a change, the oven is baking cornbread, so we have nearly every modern electrical piece of equipment in our home in use.  And in this particular moment, we are grateful for these electronic devices and the modern conveniences they provide on this gloomy day of savoring simple tasks.

Fostering a simple daily agenda like today can profoundly rejuvenate, bring new order, and refocus energy for what lies ahead.  The mundane tasks allow the brain to mindlessly rest while we putter about the house.  Thinking about all the devices in use though, my smartphone is the one consistently connecting me with others (especially those daughters of mine on opposite coastlines).  Even sitting in darkness for long periods of time during two recent hurricanes, the ability to quickly message my family/friends was powerfully reassuring.  So, here’s your question to ponder today:

Day #7:  What electronic device are you most grateful for, and what does it add to your life?

Here’s hoping you have a sublime Saturday of savoring your own simple tasks. 🙂