Day Two of Gratefulness…

My desk calendar says it all today…“All things that are beautiful–think on these things.”  Yes, I’m absolutely, unapologetically one of those cutsy, longtime Mary Engelbreit graphic artist/illustrator fans (just ask any former student or colleague, or especially St. Michael!).  I had a third grade classroom so covered in her work one year, my learners were convinced she was coming as a mystery reader before the school year ended (too bad my requests never reached her).  The beautiful thing about ME’s extraordinary work is the pure JOY she exudes onto the canvas in great, colorful detail; I sometimes just want to live in her graphic world.

By definition, beauty is a combination of shape, form, and color; those descriptive characteristics pleasing the aesthetic senses (especially sight) and exalting the mind and spirit.  What beauty one finds in something may be perceived differently by another.  Just walking along a rugged trail on an early cool, crisp autumn morn with leaves gently swirling as birds flutter in the trees and clouds billow calmly above, you can’t help seeing and feeling the strength of nature’s beauty.  I’m indeed grateful to live in an area where these images of simple beauty present themselves daily.  So here’s your question on Day Two:

What is something of beauty in your world you are grateful for at this time in your life? 

I challenge us to stop every single day, take a deep cleansing breath, and set your mind to explore the beauty all around; after all, as John Keats remarked, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever…”