JOY Jar on Day #9!

There was a beautiful glass container sitting inconspicuously in our home for many years filled with ideas, thoughts, gratitudes, dreams, and moments of personal JOY.  The original container and unique idea was a precious gift from a soulful friend and colleague who challenged me during my first (of several) cancer treatments to write down ONE grateful thing each day while on the medical journey.  That first year it filled to overflowing in spite of the Big C swirling around us.  I ceremoniously emptied it the final day of treatment after year one, burning the bits of paper to send to another place and time in the great hope my path on that journey was shifting.  Even though it’s a continuous lifelong medical journey going forward (and gratefully dormant as of this writing), I choose to continue filling the jar with new ideas, hopes, thoughts, gratitudes, dreams, and moments of JOY from my experiences.  Interestingly enough, the original jar broke during our move east last year, so I have what could safely be collected back inside a leather journal, a moving gift from the same friend who originally challenged me.

It’s not the container or collection agent so much as what is written or placed inside.  I’m willing to bet it’s been scientifically proven time and again how gratitude and gratefulness help us feel better with less stress and a more positive outlook in all aspects of our lives.  Furthermore, I’d venture to guess when we actually take a moment to write one down, the “cream gravy of awareness is allowed to powerfully soak inside” (as Granny would say) and take over in extraordinary ways.  So here’s your challenge (more than a question) today:

Day #9:  How will you create a way to record your gratefulness for the next 30 days (until Thanksgiving)?

Start easy and small; just start!  Pondering in our heart is important, but writing and seeing something on paper is magical, especially when you go back through them later.  Here’s hoping you create your own jar filled with JOY  in the coming days!  🙂