Day #6: Adventures in Gratefulness

What I adore and am most grateful for about my unusual life is the pure adventure of it.  Seriously, it’s like the Texas (and now NC) weather; if you don’t like what’s happening, just wait five minutes ’cause it will change!

A year ago today marks one of the biggest adventures of our married life; a huge leap of faith, hope, and love working together making a new dream come true. We felt called and thus allowed ourselves the opportunity and freedom to make it happen, quickly moving forward without looking back.  It was exciting, messy, fun, unpredictable, and so much more; in fact, it still is.  Selling the home we built to raise our daughters, purging and packing up 30+ years of life together, and road-tripping halfway across the country with our grandma cat in a stuffed Subaru at our age puzzled family and friends.  Pop even joined us permanently a month later with his sassy little Sheltie and his increasing need for daily care as he labored a growing compromised cognitive system.  Being a multi-generational household created even more unique situations (some worthy of a sitcom).  Why move?  Why not??

“At the moment of commitment, the entire Universe conspires to assist you.” ~Goethe

Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.  Going on adventures, creating adventures, and embracing the unexpected adventures of life helps us focus and find where we belong in our story.  Adventure fills the grateful soul, lightens the burdens of life some, and creates a powerful synergy to propel us forward into new chapters of our story…so, here’s your question today:

Day #6:  What adventure will you gratefully embrace in the coming year?

I challenge us all to gratefully continue seeking and exploring adventures in whatever season of life we find ourselves…after all, as Pop cheerfully (and surprisingly) reminded me the other day, “you may not have gone where you intended to go, but you end up where you need to be.”  🙂

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