Grateful on Day #4

AHHH…  Autumn…the year’s last colorfully, cooler smile showing us how great it is to let things go!  From crisp nights and leaf-peeping sights to twinkling lights and pumpkiny bites; fall is the time to reap what we sow, prepare for the colder months, and reflect upon our harvest of bountiful blessings.  Family, friends, celebrations, gatherings, festivals, feasts, and more come together during this time of year in preparation for starting a new year.  Earth and nature in our part of the world inspire us one last time before laying dormant to rejuvenate in astounding inspiration come Spring.  Even on my darkest days of life’s ebbs and flows, Autumn warmly wraps me as a source of comfort, security, and peace (and a strong cup of hot tea doesn’t hurt either); from my auburn hair to my freckled skin, I’m truly grateful to be a natural autumn.  Of course, this brings us to the question for today:

Grateful Game Question #4:  What season are you most grateful for and why, and what is your favorite part of that season? 

Happy fall, y’all!

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