Harvesting responsibility…

I was reminded today by a student (while completing my daily walk-about) how important it is to set the right example.  Our words are important but our actions are much more powerful.  My Granny had a saying she used with my sister and me (more with my sister, of course 🙂 ):  “If you can’t be a good example then you’ll just have to be a bad warning.”  There is great truth in these words.  Think about it . . .

As I remind us each day during our morning announcement message:  “You have a choice everyday and I hope you choose to make it a great day here at LaRue Miller Elementary!”  We each must take personal responsibility for our words and actions.  When Mrs. Bass or I visit with students during a discipline intervention, the heart of the matter always involves taking personal responsibility and then being held accountable.  These are tough lessons; these are ongoing conversations.

As always, we appreciate the insight and support our parents give to us during these challenging situations.  In fact, I have to share what one parent said today to me: “You know, Mrs. Van, perhaps she’ll just have to go without; one day without sure might make the impression to remember and be responsible next time, huh?!”

A seasonal sign currently hanging on my door sums it up the best:  “We plant today the harvest of tomorrow.”  Here’s hoping we’re all planting strong responsibility seeds and examples; after all, as my daddy likes to say, “they’ll be choosing my assisted living arrangement one day . . . ”   🙂

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