iLead, iLearn, iListen, iLaugh, iServe, and iStuCo…these are the words chanted to me as our Miller Elementary Student Honor Council (SHC) share a favorite song.  We are  blessed at Miller Elementary to have student leaders who take their work seriously, but not themselves too seriously this year.  This talented group of campus leaders recently attended the TEPSA “Leaders-R-Us; You Are Following A Leader” Student Council Workshop at Merrifield Elementary in Duncanville ISD.  They spent an entire day learning, sharing, eating a “real” lunch, and planning for the year ahead.  Our caring counselor, Mrs. Stanley, is their campus sponsor, and the group this year consists of:  Autumn, Baylee, Bryce, Cade, Emily, Jace, Jamison, Johnathan, Kara, and Michael.  They have much to share about this day-long seminar (and were literally talking over one another to get it all said, therefore, I was writing quickly!):

  • SHC:  We loved the workshop–so much fun meeting new leaders, talking, doing silly games to learn about our jobs, and singing!
  • Me:  So, what is a leader really?
  • SHC:  Actually, a leader is a Learner who is Enthusiastic, Alert, Democratic, Energetic, Responsible, and Spirited, Mrs. Van!
  • Me:  What are your goals for this year?
  • SHC:  We talked about goals like promoting other leaders, teaching teamwork, being responsible, showing school spirit, and helping others.
  • Me:  Did you have to make any promises this year?
  • SHC:  We had to pledge to have a “can-do” attitude, create team spirit here at school, be ready to do any job required, complete things on time, respect others, and know the work we do is a privilege.
  • Me:  It sounds like being a leader is an overwhelming task!
  • SHC:  Mrs. Van, you have no idea! 🙂

These young ladies and gentlemen have a code they must follow, so I share with it you now:  “Live with courage.  Take pride in what you do.  Always finish what you start.  Do what has to be done.  Be tough and be fair.  When you make a promise, keep it!  Be loyal to the team.  Talk less and listen more.”  Sounds like a great plan to live by everyday.  Here’s hoping we all heed this great advice and lead by example!  Thanks, SHC, for setting the bar so high this year!

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