Rowdy Runners Rock the Run!

Our own LaRue Miller Elementary Rowdy Runners rocked the big Midlo Downhill Dash this past Saturday morning!  We had over 35 learners, several staff members, and parents who joined them for the annual 5-K race.  Dr. Stewart was on hand to check everyone in, hand out race numbers, and wish everyone well.  Coach Rogers and Mr. Fio led the pack out once the race started, monitored everyone’s progress, completed the race, and made certain each child crossed the finish line at the end.  I yelled so much to encourage everyone near the finish line there was little voice left for Sunday morning choir!  Our campus C.A.T.C.H. Committee (Coordinated Approach To Children’s Health) helped to sponsor the event by encouraging the club as it meets each Thursday afternoon for strength and endurance practice.  Led by our own Coach Rogers and Mr. Fio, these aspiring young runners are working on personal goals to increase their overall fitness and well-being.  Special thanks to Coach Timm of Irvin Elementary who won the MEF Grant that inspired this idea at each of our MISD Elementary campuses!

As the wife of a lifelong marathon runner (who’s completed 50 marathons now), I know first-hand the benefits of running.  Here’s a picture of Mr. Van smiling at me with two of his running buddies, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Wallace, right before the start of the race (it was a three-way competition for 20 minutes–but that’s another blog story).  🙂  While running is not my personal fitness routine-of-choice, I know it is imperative that we, as the adult role models, choose something and do our personal best to share the importance of healthy eating and fitness choices for the future generation.  Healthy bodies produce healthy minds; healthy minds make strong decisions and do their personal best in school everyday.  Here’s hoping you find your routine of choice or accept the challenge to join us on the Miller track each Thursday afternoon as a Rowdy Runner!

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