My hurting heart is finding it difficult to concentrate on anything today, especially gratefulness.  In the aftermath of yet another horrific week of crimes motivated by purest evil and hate…bombs in the mail, accusatory rhetoric by leaders of our communities and country running for political offices during the mid-term elections, and yet another mass shooting during a Sabbath worship service…it screams the question of when will we learn how to be fully alive, loving human beings with common respect and reverence for human life?  Regardless of faith, beliefs, opinions, differences, personal or protected rights, political affiliations, and or anything else, all human life matters.

Dr. King reminded us:  “We must discover the power of love, the redemptive power of love.  And when we discover that, we will be able to make of this old world a new world.  LOVE is the only way…” 

Gratefully, I choose love.  I choose love even when others mock, ridicule, throw stones, or work to defeat purpose.  I choose love in the rawness of the terror surrounding us in our daily lives.  I choose love until my life ends on this planet.  Even on these darkest days, I’m grateful there are others who choose love and step in to turn on the lights.  The powerful lyrics of Lindy Thompson’s anthem resonate the importance:

“In the midst of pain, I choose love.  In the midst of pain, sorrow falling down like rain, I await the sun again; I choose love… In the midst of  war, I choose peace. In the midst of war, hate and anger keeping score, I will seek the Good once more; I choose peace…When my world falls down, I will rise. When my world falls down, explanation can’t be found; I will climb to holy ground, I will rise…In the midst of pain, I choose love.” 

On this 15th day of grateful reflection, what will you choose?

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