Walk on…

It’s a fact (according to my internist)…I’m not the skinny freckled-face ginger-haired short little imp I once was. What?!? While this is not breaking news, it’s a definite reality I choose to ignore. Unfortunately, gravity has taken over parts of my body I didn’t know still existed and if certain parts sag much more, my support undergarments will need to file for medical assistance.  I’ll also be truly impressed when science figures out a way to make a body thermostat pre-programmed for hot flashes.  And Mother Nature, as far as I’m concerned, you can just keep the change. 🙂

DNA, lifestyle, eating habits, exercise, environment, stress, sleep patterns, and such literally weigh into our overall health and well-being.

Eat less and move more to even the score.

This is my daily mantra.  One of my favorite and easiest forms of exercise I gratefully embrace is walking.  Even during my toughest days of treatments and surgical recoveries, I was always allowed to simply walk (even slowly while pulling an IV pole with me; just ask my sister).  From taking dad’s little dog each morning (whom I call Princess Sassypants) for a daily stroll in the neighborhood to traversing the various trails and marked paths near our wooded home and nearby lake, simple walking refreshes, rejuvenates, and regenerates my body, mind, spirit, and soul.  Long after I’ve left the trail, the positive effects remain.

So here’s the question on Day #14:

What form of daily physical activity are you most grateful to do?

Here’s hoping you gratefully embrace your ability for physical activity each day as part of your own well-being; you deserve it!


2 thoughts on “Walk on…

  1. My most grateful physical activity is embracing you each morning! This practice exercises my arms, legs, head, feet, and heart.💕

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