EGGStraordinary EGGSperiences…

Truly EGGSciting opportunities emerged today in various IMG_0035parts of the building!  From EGG artists and EGG hunts to chocolate chickens to funny bunnies to a spring parade, it was quite an EGGSellent day indeed.

Some Kinder friends took EGGSactly 55 seconds to locate all 497 EGGS hidden by a special bunny out on the Tricycle Town lawn.  Noted one learner:  “Someone mowed the grass so this wasn’t too hard, Mrs. Van!”  🙂

IMG_0038Some older learners led discussion and research EGGSpertise with younger learners (book buddies) by EGGSplaining their traditional customs and sharing Easter ideas.  They completed the activity with EGGSotic EGGSamples of springy EGG designs…what fun for all involved!

Funny bunnies wrote springtime jokes to share with 4th grade writers who were finishing their final touches on reviews for next week’s state assessment tests.  These younger learners shared rhymes and riddles they created for their book buddies.  One example:  “Why did the chicken get upset with the rabbit?  Because nobunny helped him cross the road!”  🙂  (I know; right?!)

A finale for the day was a spring bonnet parade some friends shared with their “book bunnies” by decorating EGGSpressive hats with kind words and sayings for best wishes in the days ahead.  As one friend noted:  We’ve had some EGGStraordinary EGGSperiences today at Miller!  Here’s hoping you have some of your own this spring weekend.  EnJOY your day off tomorrow, LME, and Happy Easter!

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