Flower/Flour Techno Power!

You know it’s a Marvelous Monday when you smell cake baking and flowersflower-flour in the air.  Being curious during a brief morning walk-about, I discovered young learners following a recipe for a writing activity involving cupcakes while another group was up to their elbows in potting soil for special gifts (I won’t divulge my sources here to protect upcoming surprises), however, both groups were most enthusiastic about their processes.

The FLOWER group was enJOYing the dirt (they found a worm too!), the mess, and the future surprise they were planting for someone special in their life.

The FLOUR group was enJOYing the opportunity to create something yummy with their hands, something they would bestow as a gift to someone else later in the day (who was celebrating a big birthday).

Both groups were completely focused, engaged, and chatty about their learning activities by giving precise steps, directions, and personal insight along the way.  Their finished products reflected not only great results, but some great writing for others to follow later.  All this took place in small workstation activities (except for the actual baking) while the classroom teacher was working with a third group on a specific targeted skill.  Everyone was given the opportunity to participate in each workstation and share their writing experience too.  There wasn’t a pencil, worksheet, or paper in sight as the writing was completed on an iPad.  These Digital Natives truly took FLOWER/FLOUR Power to new techno heights today.  Bravos to all involved!  🙂

Note:  Just a reminder that MISD will be out of school this Friday, March 29, 2013.  EnJOY the day!