Leprechaun luck…or not?!

I had the privilege once again to be a special guest reader to a group of learning friends who invited me today.  They requested someone short with red hair who liked to share holiday stories, especially Irish ones.  🙂

While I enJOY sharing a wee bit of wisdom with all, this was a particularlyLeprechaun2 fun challenge today.  The book we chose was The Leprechaun in the Basement by Kathy Tucker and John Sandford.  A young boy, Michael McKeever, and his family are down on their luck in Chicago.  Michael’s dad lost his computer job and now his best baseball shoes are falling apart and it’s baseball season.  They “make do” with a roof over their head and food to eat when Michael accidentally discovers a leprechaun by the name of O’Leary in an old basement trunk (who’s been living there for years) with a pot of gold.  Of course, Michael thinks his luck will change, but he doesn’t expect to meet such a cantankerous leprechaun.  While all turns out well, the end is not exactly expected, but luck finds Michael on the ball field anyway (because it turns out O’Leary was the best cobbler in all of Ireland, thus the baseball shoes get “magically” transformed for action).

Wonderful conversation ensued among the group following the story since many of these learners also feel the pinch of hard times and anxiety in their daily lives.  Compassion and understanding for family hardships teach the lesson of how values transcend monetary gain…leprechaun luck…or not!  Here’s hoping you experience a little leprechaun luck in your life soon…  🙂

Note:  Please join us for 3M (Marvelous Miller Math) Day events tomorrow!