Spring has sprung!

While the temperature and the wind gusts today would argue otherwise, a group of talented young writers all agree that spring is in the air at LME!  This bluebonnetspicture of bluebonnets was sent to me along with this little poem today:

Spring has sprung and the days are longer now

We get to play outside past supper and this is really WOW!

Bluebonnets in Texas are the state flower you know

We have a field of many and we love to watch them grow!

So get outside Mrs. Van and play with the Rowdy Runners

Spring is the BEST time because it makes everything much funner!  🙂

Thanks to my special poetry friends for allowing me the opportunity to share their inspiration today.  I’m headed outside if the wind doesn’t blow me away first…here’s hoping you get some springy action of your own today!