Who do we serve?

On almost a daily basis, I’m known for saying:  “Your perception is your reality.”  Think about it; as adults we know this to be true!

So…the question was asked by a classroom leader this morning:  “Who do we serve?”  You can imagine the answers shared:  “you, me, each other, our parents, the office ladies (they wish!)”…and the list grew.

As these learners pondered the possibilities for who they serve, SONY DSCyou could visibly see the connections being made between how they view their role as a learner AND as a classroom leader or teacher.  They realized they truly serve multiple roles in their classroom, thus serving in many capacities (depending on the situation) changes who they serve when.  The real heart and soul of this reality today though was each child’s eagerness and willingness to SERVE!  🙂

It’s truly remarkable to listen to learner perspective on any given topic because you never know the angle each child brings to the processing table.  Learners engage in the experience based on multiple factors, the least of which is their own understanding or unique perception of a given situation.  It is their personal experience helping to create their own personal reality.

This particular class has chosen the word SERVE this spring as a focus for the next few weeks.  I’m excited to see and hear about their progress…which begs the question today:  Who do you serve?  🙂

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