Wintery hat fun and mustaches too…

It’s Winter Hat Day at LME and there are some interesting stylesmustache5 being shared across campus today.  We couldn’t have ordered better weather for the day–it’s blustery cold and wearing a hat keeps the warmth inside!

During morning walkabout, I stumbled upon this observation:

  • Child:  Did you know hats keep your brain warm, Mrs. Van?
  • Me:  Well, when I wear one, I know I keep the cold out of my ears and off my head.
  • Child:  You need to give us hat day everyday so our brains stay on fire all the time!   🙂

mustacheAs noted from the conversation after this observation, hats are just one article of clothing we use for protection from the elements.  Thus, the inspiration for today’s question was given by my friend, Austin:  “What special holiday article of clothing or ‘look’ do you always want to wear and why is it so special to you?” 

We will enJOY another Miller tradition tomorrow when we all board the Miller Express with our annual Pajama and Slipper day.  You can expect to hear a train whistle or two and share in some hot cocoa during special story times throughout the day.  It’s also Mrs. Miller birthday, so we’ll send some special wishes her way as well.  In them meantime, here’s hoping you find your way to wintery hat fun soon!

Note:  MISD continues to make campus safety the top priority.  School is being conducted as usual today and tomorrow.  The Midlothian Police Department, in an effort to provide the best security possible, will continue to post additional security at each campus for the duration of this week during crucial times for the security of the all MISD students and staff. 

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