Eats and treats and all that’s holiday-neat!

cocoabar1As is a Miller Staff family tradition, we frequently gather everyone together to share eats and treats, but try to take it a step above before we scatter in multiple directions during the holiday break.  We enJOYed a holiday hallway happy hour yesterday afternoon with a scrumptious hot cocoa and cider bar (special thanks to our Miller Office Elves for all their work in gathering and preparing!).  Staff members created unique combinations of hot (school-appropriate, of course 🙂 ) drinks and took time to visit with one another while milling around checking out everyone’s “vintage” holiday sweater wear.  cocoabar3Teachers, as you know, are notorious for their extensive collection of holiday sweaters, sweatshirts, shirts, pins, jewelry, and sundry other items).  Votes were cast for special prizes in the following categories:

  • “What were they thinking?”
  • “Too stinking cute!”
  • “Most loved” (well-worn)
  • “Grandma’s closet”
  • “Scrooge/Grinch” (needs inspiration to participate next time)

Great fun was had by all and oh…the stories we can tell about our vintage gear!  This naturally brings us to the question of the day today:  “What special ‘vintage’ piece do you enJOY wearing during the holidays and why is it special to you?”  In the meantime, to all you “vintage” holiday-wear dislikers out there, just know you’re missing out on some wonderful holiday opportunities to, in the words of one student, “have fun, enjoy eats and treats and all that’s holiday-neat!”  🙂