Go, fight, win, Ethan!

Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well…  While there’s nothing ordinary about kicking cancer, Eethan1than is showing us how to do it extraordinarily well.  Our learners, classroom leaders, and several community members were involved in a special Miller Rally to send off our own 4th grade friend, Ethan, as he starts his next ethan10course of treatment at MD Anderson in Houston right after the holidays.  Ethan was able to join us today in person with his family (quite a treat indeed).  He was surprised by the Midlothian Fire Department early this morning who arrived to drive his family to school in true style—flashing lights and all!  Several of his MYFL football team members and coaches were present as were our own Panther Football Readers (who also cameethan6 at 7:15 a.m. to help us unload cars today).  Ethanethan9‘s 4th grade class (and Ms. Williams) helped on the back porch by forming a special tunnel for Ethan’s arrival and to personally escort their classmate into the gym where the entire campus cheered him.  Once in the gym, Ethan took the seat of honor in a sea of green (his favorite color), yellow (childhood cancer), and black (our special Ethan shirts) and was treated to everything from a KC Club presentation of joke books from each ethan3classroom ethan2to ethan7his MVP status announcement to some special Miller Moves with his favorite songs.  It was truly a celebration rally for a treasured young guy who shines brilliantly in spite of his intense fight to kick cancer.  Here’s hoping we all find Ethan’s great courage and bravery in our everyday lives!  We love you, Ethan…go, fight, win!  🙂

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