Spending Christmas…

A group of writers were conversing this morning in a small group about how they spend Christmas.  They were creating a list of ideas to share from the recent poll they conducted in their grade level.  The conversation turned to the way they spend it rather than how much is spent (on things).  I know… my mind was blown!

Of course, I had to share the story of President Andrew Jackson who loved to spend Christmas having a snowball fight with his relatives and the children from the local orphanage or playing games.  Since his wife died early in their marriage, he always shared his home (including the White House) with friends and others.  He would spend time with them versus buying lots of gifts for Christmas (although I feel certain there were gifts too).  He made sure everyone was a part of the big celebration.

One student pointed out one of my favorite animated series, charliebrown1the Peanuts Gang (the Christmas episode in particular), where Linus helps Charlie Brown learn the way to spend Christmas versus how much to spend.  Of course, this leads to our question for you today:  “In what way(s) do you spend Christmas and with whom?”

I believe it was Thoreau (while pondering life on Walden Pond) who noted, “The way you spend Christmas is far more important than how much.”  The group this morning has officially adopted this as their holiday mantra…here’s hoping you will consider it as well.  🙂