The Blessing of Music

The chords are so grand they send shivers down the back of your neck.  You hear the familiar strains of a holiday melody filling the air and instantly feel wrapped in the glorious blessing of music…

BRAVOS to our Frank Seale Middle School Band friends band2who serenaded us today with several Christmas carols and holiday tunes in what was a JOYous occasion indeed!  With so many of our former LME learners sitting in the first chair of each instrument section, it does our Miller hearts proud to know our learners are leaders in all areas, including music!

Many of my Christmas memories are stored away within the refrains of beloved carols and songs.  We begin as small children (like our youngest Head Start friends) learning these wonderful songs.  Each year, we are given the gift of dusting them off, tuning them up, and sharing them with others.  Like a fine antique, this music becomes priceless with the passing of time (especially as I get older each year!).  So here’s your question today:  “Other than carols or songs, what other things do you bring out at Christmas time, dust off, and share with others to enhance the holidays?”

So…turn on your favorite tune, close your eyes, and allow the music to move you beyond the hustle and bustle of the daily rush.  Here’s hoping you are blessed with the wonderful gift of music now and throughout the coming year!  🙂