Food for thought…

Keeping Christmas is good, but sharing it with others is even better.  reindeercookiesYou can imagine the excitement and anticipation…Yes, it’s holiday parties today and we are heartily partying in classrooms all over the building (just NOT during lunches).  🙂  There’s a group within our Miller learning community who give and give and give throughout the school year; we are blessed with the BEST volunteers ever!  Our active group of parents give so much more than they receive and today was certainly no exception.  Each classroom enJOYed lavish spreads of food, festive decor, and fun activities.  From creative cookie trays to clever crafts, learners celebrated the season in style with great parent/family participation.  In the midst of the organized chaos, you can imagine my surprise to discover an entire grade level in the hallway singing Christmas Karaoke together…never a dull moment!

As is the custom, so many celebrations are created around the food–perhaps it’s a cultural thing or just something that evolved over time (I know this is certainly true in our family).  So here’s your “food for thought” for the day:  “What is your favorite holiday food and what stories (or memories) does this food evoke for you?”

We are so grateful for the support and partnership of our volunteers and parents who give unconditionally of their time and talents.  As my Granny B. noted, “Generosity is a sign of a great soul and we are blessed with many great souls (and party planners) here at LME!