Campus Culture versus Strategy

In an enlightening conversation today, the question was asked of me, “What do you do to build campus culture so it beats strategy?”  WOW…I had to pause a moment and think of my response!  My initial reaction was, “Of course, strategies are important to be successful (we have to have a plan after all), but ultimately it is campus culture that will determine if our strategies are successful.”  The explanation went deeper into:

  • what our campus design team does to determine our school theme each year,
  • how our staff commits their summer break time to study a book together (this year is Training Camp),
  • why we do Miller Team Huddles on Friday mornings in the gym with everyone,
  • how we share our message with everyone each day,
  • why we have the Miller Essential 5,
  • why certain initiatives like R-Time are crucial, and (most important of all),
  • why our learners and their families don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care!

Whether or not I answered the question appropriately, I most definitely walked away pondering what other ways we build both for student success at LME.  This is similar to growing a special plant each year…various elements work together to make it all happen in a positive way.  What thoughts or ideas would you share?

It is hoped that when you walk through our front door, you are greeted warmly, with a smile and welcome, and you’re helped with our best customer service.  You should be able to feel positive energy in our classrooms and during family events on campus.  You should feel professionalism with a team spirit and approach to everything we do because great campus culture shares great energy together.  We realize we only have 177 instructional days this school year, thus Every Day Is Game Day at LME!  We appreciate your feedback and continue to welcome your participation as our learning partners throughout the journey…and thanks for sharing your most valuable resource with us everyday!

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