Study Skills and Homework…really?!

Like any important life skill, studying must be taught and practiced.  There was much discussion in one classroom I visited today on this very topic in fact!  Students had much advice to offer, so here are some reminders to help all of us with our study habits and homework (taken from some experts, our learners!):

  1. Work on the harder stuff first, like math or writing.  You have more brain power then.  🙂
  2. Use the planner and write it all down.  Who can remember everything at once?  🙂
  3. Mom has an special area we use for studying and homework now–it has paper, pencils, index cards, and other supplies we might need to finish our work–we have six kids, you know.  🙂
  4. Stay organized and know what you need to finish your work.  🙂
  5. A really good snack helps me study more.  🙂
  6. I have to “teach” the lesson to dad when he gets home.  I better be ready so he learns it!  🙂
  7. Cooking, reading, playing bingo or other games with my weekly words keeps me sharp.  🙂
  8. I’m given some play time first and then it’s time to settle down to work.  🙂
  9. Mom and dad read when we read; it’s a rule at home.  🙂
  10. No texting or TVs on when I study; grammy means it!  🙂

Here are some ideas our teachers share with parents:

  • Set a good example; allow your child to see you reading, writing, figuring problems, etc.
  • Look over homework assignments and make yourself available to help if needed.
  • Communicate how important school and education are in life.
  • Have high expectations and expect your child’s personal best always.
  • Invite your child to teach you a concept or new information being studied in class; we learn best when we teach someone else the idea.
  • Keep informed about grades and school progress; attend school conferences and participate in school activities teaching you how to work with your child.  Communicate and collaborate regularly with your child’s teacher(s).

Remember, you are your child’s first and most important teacher.  You are our partners and participating members of our learning community!  We always invite your suggestions, your triumphs, and your concerns, so let us know how we can best serve your child and you during this educational journey.  Study skills and homework are ongoing during the academic year…it’s a blessing to know we have some REALLY great ideas to help us!

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