Fifth Grade Fabulousness!

Fifth grade…top of the elementary pyramid…strong student leaders embarking on new pathways…never a dull moment!  With the excitement of middle school building all year, this team of classroom leaders takes our oldest learners on campus through an educational journey of excellence while doing everything possible to prepare them for the high expectations of their upcoming secondary education.  We run a “school within the school” where fifth graders change classes every 65 minutes, show responsibility and accountability to five instructors teaching five core subject areas, and build strong teams of collaborative, productive, service-oriented citizens.  Pictured left to right are the leaders of our Fab Fifth:  Jennifer Campbell (social studies), Laurie Garippa (science), Jennifer Lassetter (math), Susan Bly (language arts), and Sherrie Gunter (reading).

Our fifth graders lead the charge with unique campus opportunities:  Student Honor Council, Yearbook Staff, Safety Patrol, WattWatchers, HotSteppers, Ringers/Singers, Art Club, Signing Club, Peer Helpers/Study Buddies, Rowdy Runners, Miller Bell, and so much more!  One fifth grade friend new to Miller this year noted:  “WOW—we even get the chance to eat with all our friends during lunch, as long as we stay responsible.”  Another shared:  “Having a locker for my things is important–I never lose my stuff now.”  A returning friend mentioned, “We have lots of homework but they do mix it up every night so it’s not too much at once.”  The general consensus from all the fifth graders who shared with me (and the results of their recent survey in Mrs. Bly’s room)…”Fifth Grade ROCKS!”

There are rewards for enduring the structure of the early years in elementary school–those times when we learn the rules, learn to read, learn to write, problem solve in math, and move through the mountains of subject matter needed for the next grade.  By fifth grade, we really begin to experience the fruits of previous labor in an effort to create leaders of learners before they leave our campus.  Our fifth grade team has the distinct honor of bringing the previous 5 – 7 years of school experiences together into a promise of fabulous possibilities.  I am told by middle school staff they can easily pick out our Miller learners (in a good way, of course), so I can hardly wait to see what this team of 5th grade learners and their classroom leaders accomplish this year!  🙂