Learning is FUNdamental!

Our grade levels and departments spent time in conversation with me during team conferences throughout the day.  While our learners were enJOYing specials time in art, music, and PE, each small group gave their planning time to a round table discussion of agenda items.  From lesson planning to budgets to data digs to instructional strategies, we covered our bases in unique and profound ways within each group meeting.

Three key touchstones surfaced during each visit today:

  1. Knowledge:  Each team is focused on goals and clearly KNOWS our campus story and direction.
  2. Wisdom:  The wealth of wisdom among each team is a powerful; knowledge, after all, is power.
  3. Understanding:  Knowing themselves and each other as we build relationships with learners and families brings greater understanding and overall success.

I must say each group is planning their work, working their plans, and autographing their work with personal excellence each day!

At the conclusion of these nine group meetings, I walked out into the main hallway during dismissal (ready for some sunlight and change of scenery).  A third grade friend smiled at me and commented, “I missed you at lunch today, Mrs. Van, but my teacher told us you were in learning meetings…I hope your learning today was as FUNdamental as mine!”  🙂